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Massage and Contemplation - Deepening Ease in Your Thriving Life.

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Healing Elements is a practice involving massage, somatic body movement and contemplation groups and retreats:

·     Massage therapy - I'm delighted to report I have sold my massage practice in Port Ludlow to Camille Wynn, LMP!  Her phone number is 360.460.6140 to schedule on appointment.

·     Contemplation groups and retreats - facilitated contemplation with extended silence, rest, reflection and sharing in the practice of being present with self and others to experience a deep sense of love.

·     Somatic Workshops - Body.Mind Health - Through exploration and specific instruction, foster ease of mind and body through breath work and targeted body movement. Somatic therapy retrains the nervous system toward free and fun movement.  Workshops include lunch and lively conversation.  The website has the current dates and times.

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  • Appointments

      Schedule your therapeutic massage here. Support your healthy thriving life! I offer massage that is therapeutically focused. It is deep gentle effective spiritually grounded touch. It's purpose is to increase your body awareness while inviting a softer, deeper presence with yourself. This is uniquely therapeutic touch. 90 minutes gives the perfect time frame to notice and be while inviting new patterns of movement leading to greater ease. I'm excited to be with you in your 90-minute bodywork session!   
      While I am happy to schedule a 60 minute session with you, I recommend 90 minutes because there is greater opportunity to release tension and retrain holding patterns in more areas of our body. If you are looking for an effective though less-involved session, then this 60-minute session is just right. I look forward to seeing you!         
      Personal coaching where you come away with new possibilities for easy body movement.  Being with whatever is happening right now in your body, learn ways to release and realign.
  • Classes & Workshops

      "When we meet like this, we aren't just being self reflective.  We are strengthening the immune system of humanity." --Mark Nepo
      Join us for a time of listening into love's presence within us and around us.  Contemplation is facilitated; no experience is necessary.  There is no cost for this group.  RSVP is required to be sure we are ready to welcome you.



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